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A customized floor plan, stunning exterior and flawless finishing touches are a given for any of the custom homes we build. At Chelsea Building Group, we go above and beyond what you can see - and also focus on what's behind the walls to make the difference between a beautiful house and a healthy, vibrant home. We know you have a vision for the home you want to build - and our goal is to make your vision a reality.
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    Why Choose Chelsea Building Group as Your Charlotte Custom Home Builder

    We Take Your Vision and Bring It to Life With Custom Designs, Beautiful Details, and Superior Structure
          • Our Goal Is To Make Your Vision a Reality

            With Chelsea Building Group as your luxury home builder, you can look forward to an exciting and fulfilling custom home building experience. We know that you have a vision for your dream home, so our in-house team will take the time to listen to your needs. Ultimately, we work with you every step of the way to ensure your ideas turn into reality.

          • We’re a Family Owned Company

            As a family-owned business, we want to give you a deeply personal and hands-on service until the end. We take the time to listen attentively to your needs and ideas. And because we believe the relationships we build with people are as important as the houses we construct, we put a lot of thought into the projects we take on.

          • Our Team Is Skilled and Experienced

            Building your dream home is an exciting phase of your life — and it should remain that way! Our knowledgeable team guides you in every part of the process, from the initial design to the finishes and fixtures, to curate the perfect home. Our Charlotte custom home builders keep the project running smoothly and make sure building your custom home is an enjoyable experience for you.

          • Nothing We Do Is Cookie Cutter

            At Chelsea Building Group, all our custom homes in Charlotte are meticulously designed according to each homeowner’s needs. This means that we don’t use prefabs for your dream home. Instead, we build each plan from scratch and choose finishes and fixtures according to your preferences. The end product is a unique house you’re proud to call home.

          • We Go Above and Beyond Traditional Practices

            Since 2014, we’ve always aimed to exceed our clients’ expectations and keep building better homes. This is why we heavily rely on building science and quality assurance in every project we undertake. On top of that, we keep up with the latest building practices to create homes that function just as great as they look.

          • We Let You Stay on Top of Things

            Chelsea Building Group will never keep you in the dark about your custom home’s progress. Our team works with you to ensure you understand the entire process and construction timelines. Aside from that, we give you access to a secure online portal where you can track the construction progress from anywhere, keep up to date with daily tasks and much more.

      What Our Happy Homeowners Are Saying

      “Chelsea Building Group is great to work with. They’re knowledgeable, customer-focused, stand behind what they do and have a great deal of integrity.”
      Chelsea Building Group is always working for you. They listened and built the house we wanted — not the house they thought we should build.”
      “We loved that Chelsea Building Group was local and family owned. They appreciated our business and didn’t discourage our ideas and innovation like some other contractors.”

      Why Chelsea Building Group Is the Top Choice for
      Custom Home Builders in Charlotte, NC



      Building your dream home can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re designing your space from scratch. That’s why our Charlotte custom home builders at Chelsea Building Group take the time to discuss our clients’ lifestyle needs and craft bespoke floor plans based on their unique requirements. Our highly experienced and registered architect, Gray Houghland, also steps in to develop a fully-engineered plan. But that’s not all — as the trusted luxury home builder in North Carolina, we have our engineers thoroughly check homes once they are framed. Our attention to detail ensures every custom home is built exactly according to the agreed-upon floor plan.


      We believe that our clients deserve to live in an environment that’s not only comfortable but also energy-efficient. That’s why all our custom homes in Charlotte are constructed according to strict Environments for Living standards. This means that we implement special framing techniques, enhanced insulation solutions and other innovative features to keep homes comfortable for their occupants, no matter the season. We also “right-size” heating and cooling systems depending on the structures we build and install low “emissivity” windows to ensure maximum indoor air quality, comfort and energy efficiency.


      Natural light creates a charming ambiance in your future home, making you feel calm, happy and stress-free. But while it’s a must-have to turn your property into an inspiring space, prioritizing natural light comes with other crucial factors to consider, like privacy. Fortunately, optimal window placement saves you from worrying about neighbors seeing into your home. If this is one of your concerns, choosing Chelsea Building Group as your luxury home builder is the right choice. All our custom homes in Charlotte feature well-placed windows to maximize natural light while ensuring privacy and keeping your dwelling place comfortable.


      Noise is an everyday part of modern living — it could be the hustle and bustle of the city streets, loud neighbors or even the commotion coming from inside your own home. To keep your home a calming space, we follow a unique exterior and insulation process that gives you the most peaceful environment possible. So regardless of what’s happening outside or even in the room next door, you can get the peace and quiet you need when you need it. In the same way, the acoustics in our custom homes in Charlotte let you live your life out loud and enjoy your hobbies without disturbing family members in other parts of your home.


      In this age of continuous technological development, smart home automation lets you enjoy high-tech functionality and luxuries that weren’t available in the past. Now, you can manage your home devices from one place, control them remotely, make your space more energy-efficient and enhance home security with advanced technology. So if you’re interested in integrating these benefits into your dream home, your trusted Charlotte custom home builders at Chelsea Building Group can make it happen. We utilize smart home technology to upgrade your home’s thermostats, lighting, security and more.


      Building your dream home is a huge milestone in your life, and so we want to help you safeguard it. That’s why aside from relying on building science throughout the construction, we also offer a comprehensive home warranty once it’s done: a one-year warranty for all repairs other than normal wear and tear, a two-year warranty on appliances and mechanical parts and a 10-year warranty on the house’s structure itself. We do what it takes to let you settle into your dream home worry-free. But most importantly, we’re here to give you the most pleasant custom home building experience possible.

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