If you’re thinking about building a custom home that will be inviting, functional, and warm, you’re at the right place. Chelsea Building Group is a family-owned custom home builder in Charlotte, NC that specializes in designing and building beautiful custom homes. We take a hands on, high-touch, transparent approach to building custom homes for our clients and obsess over the details.

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Choosing Chelsea as your Custom Home Builder

Building a custom home is an exciting journey that can be easily ruined if you’re collaborating with the wrong team. Their knowledge and expertise will affect every aspect of your homebuilding journey including the quality and durability of your home. That’s precisely why you want to embark on this journey with an experienced, local, and quality-oriented builder.

Experienced and Service-Oriented Builder

To create a custom home out of scratch requires devotion, collaboration, and experience. Keep this in mind before you put your signature on a piece of paper and partner with a builder. When it comes to building a custom home, you can either have an exciting experience in which you create your dream home with a team of experienced professionals or end up dealing with a construction nightmare. 


That’s why it’s of vital importance that you choose to place your future home in the hands of a competitive custom home builder with years of experience and a resume of successful projects completed. So, how to recognize an experienced home builder among the thousands of builders on the market that claim they are an authority in an industry? 


Search for efficiency, health, and comfort. Don’t compromise on these aspects as you don’t want to get involved in a project of this magnitude with an unskilled and unqualified team. 


High-performance building always delivers on these three aspects as it incorporates building science, quality assurance, and transparent communication into the process. Building a home is a huge financial and emotional investment and you do want to go through this process with a team that has dealt with all sorts of construction scenarios. This means that if any problem occurs, you’ll be in safe hands.

Local Builder

When it comes to choosing a custom home builder, always go local. Local builders have experience in designing custom homes in the area in which you’ll spend your life, they know the neighborhood, and can be already aware and mindful of potential issues that may be particular to that area. 


When you choose a local builder, you get one other important advantage – you get the opportunity to see their projects in person and ensure that the images of custom homes you’ve seen are credible. Plus, you’ll have the chance to schedule regular visits with your team and track daily activities and the progress of your home. This is the simplest thing you can do to avoid unpleasant surprises. 


You also need to remember that the relationship with your builder should not end the day your home is built. By partnering with a local team, you’ll be assured that even after the warranty phase is over, in case an issue or problem occurs, it will be easily resolved. 


What you’re looking for is an invested custom home builder that has a good reputation in the area and has shown interest in the community’s long-term health. This is essential because a local builder that’s been in the area for some time can rely on a strong network of contacts, vendors, and subcontractors, which can be quite helpful if a construction issue occurs.


Last but not least, by choosing to invest your money in a local home builder, you’re helping your community and economy thrive.

Quality-Oriented Builder 

We can not stress enough the importance of hiring a home builder with quality standards as only an experienced team with strong principles will be able to deliver on those three aspects we’ve previously mentioned – efficiency, health, and comfort. Access to information, accurate updates, and no cutting corners in construction – this is what a quality-oriented builder can offer to its clients. 


You’ll be able to recognize a team that offers excellence by their ability to analyze your ideas and wishes, as well as by the architectural and engineering plan before construction begins. This will save you time, nerves, and throwing away money on reconstruction or mistakes that need to be fixed. 


A high-performance quality team should be up to date with the best construction materials and mechanical systems because a custom home is not only designed – it’s also engineered. 

How to Communicate With Your Custom Home Builder

To create a strong and healthy relationship with your custom home builder, you’ll need transparent, detail-oriented, and clear communication with your team. In the beginning, it’s crucial that you do your online research of the best custom home builders in your local area and of course, take advantage of word-of-mouth recommendations. Once you have your top choices lined up make sure to have an eye-to-eye meeting with all candidates and arrange visits to their past projects. 


The best approach is to inform your team about your preferences, wishes, and what’s most relevant to you at the very beginning. It’s crucial to be as precise as possible. You’ll recognize a devoted team by their ability to stay open to your ideas, share their expertise, and address all your concerns and questions. Most importantly, a quality team will pinpoint any potential issues and scenarios which you might have never thought of earlier and will offer reliable solutions to probable problems.

Types of Custom Homes We Builders

At Chelsea Building Group we know the difference between creating eye-catching houses and warm, healthy, and vibrant homes. We are devoted to fulfilling our clients’ wishes, we don’t compromise on quality, and we invest all our efforts into creating a home that fulfills all your family’s needs. 


Take a look at the homes we’ve already created in the stunning communities of The Bridge at Sharon View, Kale Mils, Cityside West, and ReAlta.

Modern Custom Homes

Our modern custom homes in Kate Mills are designed with meticulous attention to detail and use of the best local materials and latest design features. We believe that a truly modern house should offer both privacy and an abundance of natural lightning so all our homes feature large and well-placed windows. Our modern custom homes offer functionality and stick to the simplest form of modern design – sharp lines, neutral colors, and wood materials.

Luxury Custom Homes

Situated within minutes of Uptown Charlotte, Cityside West is our gated community containing contemporary, luxury duplexes. All our luxury custom homes are designed with high-end materials and have open floor plans, outdoor spaces, and sophisticated kitchens. They are spacious and offer comfort, privacy, and plenty of space for entertainment.

Contemporary Custom Homes

Contemporary custom homes are efficient, eco-friendly, and have a modern feel throughout. Our contemporary custom homes in the beautiful gated community in The Bridge at Sharon View are built according to the standards of Diamond Certification from Environments for Living, a national program that assists builders in designing energy-efficient homes. 

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