Chelsea Building Group is a different kind of builder.

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Chelsea Building Group is a different kind of builder.

We’re local, family-owned, experienced and always driven to build a better home.

We care about the people who live in our homes and believe our relationships are as important as the houses we build.

Since we founded Chelsea Building Group in 2014, we've built both custom homes and communities - including The Bridge at Sharon View, Kale Mills and ReAlta, the first solar neighborhood in Charlotte.

Each time we finish a home or community, we ask ourselves, "How can we do better?"

To build a better home, we rely on building science, quality assurance, collaboration with homeowners and a commitment to doing the right thing. We also go above and beyond traditional building practices to create homes that promote good health, feel comfortable and solid, and are well-lit and ventilated, quiet and use energy efficiently.

Everyone has a vision for the home they want to buy or build, and our intention is to make their vision a reality.

Our Team

When you decide to build or buy a CBG home, we work closely with you to make your dream home a reality.
Our in-house team is experienced, thoughtful, collaborative and includes people with diverse backgrounds and experience. We also are proud to partner with one of the finest architects in the Southeast.
Marc Bickler | CEO - Chelsea Building Group

Marc Bickler

Joe Fontana | VP Of Land Acquisition - Chelsea Building Group

Joe Fontana

Lexi Bickler| New Home Coordinator - Chelsea Building Group

Lexi Bickler

New Home Sales & Marketing Manager
Larissa Fontana| Design Coordinator - Chelsea Building Group

Larissa Fontana

Design Director
Anthony George | Project Manager

Anthony George

Project Manager
Gray Houghland| Architect - Chelsea Building Group

Gray Houghland


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