Building A Better Home

At Chelsea Building Group, we are committed to building 21st century homes for 21st century people.  We believe that a home is a living machine, that beyond providing shelter and space, it needs to perform a variety of functions extremely well. Our approach includes the development of versatile, open floor plans and beautiful finishes (to your taste) that make your home uniquely yours.  We go above and beyond traditional building practices to create a home that promotes good health, feels comfortable and solid, that is well-lit and ventilated, and that uses energy efficiently.  We like to say that our homes live even better than they look.

Here are some important ways they are different:

Thermal Envelope

The outer shell of a house should always be very tight, so that air enters and leaves only where it’s supposed to, and not haphazardly because seams aren’t sealed and insulation isn’t adequate. CBG employs a variety of materials and practices to ensure that our homes meet the strictest standards, including Zip(r) sheathing, 2”x6” walls, insulated headers, and upgraded “blown-in” blanket insulation. In fact our structures are designed and built to meet the Diamond level of certification as promulgated by Environments for Living. This means many things to you, but key among them is a guarantee that your home will always be comfortable and your utility bills will always be significantly below average for your region.


The Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system of your home is obviously critical to your comfort, but it also plays a very important role to your health. Fresh air needs to move through your house regularly or undesirable chemistry can take hold. A properly designed and sized HVAC system ensures that the air moves and remains fresh. CBG always specifies equipment that will perform this critical function efficiently and as silently as possible. But we take steps well beyond the norm. For example, every room in our homes has an air return, so whatever amount of air gets blown in will always have an organized place to leave (and not just through the crack below the door.) Such a design will ensure that room temperatures are better balanced and that doors don’t slam with the rush of air. Additionally our HVAC systems also function in a tight thermal envelope, so that they will cool or heat your room to the desired temperature, and not merely to some differential to the outside temperature, as the code permits. This fact could be especially meaningful on those occasions when the outside temperatures soar and conventionally specified equipment just can’t keep up.

Sound Abatement

There are no codes for sound transmission between the outside and inside of your home, and there are no requirements that the sound of any room be buffered from the next. In modern homes, with typically only drywall between any two rooms, the noise from one will transmit very freely to the other. At CBG we take several special measures to maintain the peace and quiet in your home. Through special dry-walling techniques and the installation of sound-baffling insulation, we restore aural integrity to your living spaces. Your home will sound, and feel, more solid and quiet. We also use special gaskets to absorb the vibrations from your garage door motor, so that an early departure doesn’t necessarily awaken every occupant.

Full Digital Controls

Developments in electronic control have advanced in recent years, enabling users full access to an array of services from their cell phones and/or tablets. At CBG we think that any home built today that doesn’t incorporate the digital control of lighting, HVAC and security would be instantly out of date. In our latest communities we are incorporating Control 4 technology giving you a truly SMART home that can be controlled from your iPhone or Android device. It’s part of building 21st century homes for 21st century people.