A better home starts here.

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A better home starts here.

We are constantly looking for ways to build a better home and offer exceptional living for homeowners.

Our approach is to rely on building science, quality assurance, collaboration with homeowners and a commitment to doing the right thing.
We also go beyond the customized open floor plan, stunning exterior and finishing touches of our homes, because we know what's behind the walls makes the difference between a beautiful house and a healthy, vibrant home that uses energy efficiently.

Here are six reasons why our homes are different - and live even better than they look:

Built to Plan
Each of our homes has a fully-engineered plan designed by registered architect Gray Houghland, who has 30 years of experience building custom homes. Once each home is framed, we send an engineer to certify it is framed correctly and will be built to plan.

Comfort Guarantee
Through our Diamond Certification from Environments for Living (EFL) we offer a comfort guarantee that the temperature difference between rooms will be no more than 3 degrees, and that there will be a return in every room for better air quality.

Natural Light & Privacy
All of our homes feature large, well-placed windows to take advantage of natural light and also protect a homeowner's privacy.

Sound Abatement
Our unique exterior and interior insulation processes make the inside of our homes quiet, no matter what's going on outside or in the room next door.

Security & Control
We offer upgrades to control security, lighting, thermostats and more through smart home technology.

Home Warranty
We provide a one-year walkthrough where we fix things other than normal wear and tear for free, a two-year warranty on appliances and mechanicals, and a 10-year warranty on the structure itself.

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