Chelsea Building Group Custom Home

Chelsea Building Group has a long experience building fully custom homes, where our professionals guide you through every step toward constructing a home to your exact specifications.


Location, location, location. The identification of a building lot is the first order of business when deciding to build a custom home. CBG has communities and lots under title that could meet your needs, or we can assist you in finding just the right lot wherever in Charlotte you’d prefer to be.


The next step in any custom build resides with you: what kind of look fits your eye, what kind of rooms suit your needs, how much space is the right amount?  CBG has refined a process that will assist you in getting your thoughts together into a form that can be used by the architect toward building a home plan that fits the proposed site and matches your desires and tastes.


CBG works exclusively with architects & interior designers to create a set of plans that will accurately convert your vision into a workable reality.  Our years of experience will take the fear (and anxiety) out of what could otherwise feel like a very daunting task.

Interior Design

With the build about to commence, CBG will assign a dedicated Interior Designer to guide you through the process of selecting the different materials and items that will ultimately blend together into your bespoke house, the one tailored to the way you live your life.

The Build

During the build, a CBG Supervisor will ensure that your plan, and the various selections you’ve made, will be timely and correctly integrated into your new home.  CBG employs only the finest subcontractors with the highest ratings, all of whom have been schooled in the “CBG way” of practicing their trades.  CBG also provides full 24/7 access to daily build pictures and updates through an easy-to-use customer portal, ensuring you never miss a beat!


When your home is ready for occupancy, CBG will work with you to ensure that you are comfortable and familiar with all the systems and products in your home.  You will be given thorough documentation, and you will have our assistance in filling out and filing any and all warranties that might be applicable.